Sustainability & Regulatory Compliance – New Vice President

Apr 24, 2024

Just in time for this years Earth Day Celebration (observed on April 22nd each year), Pano Cap Canada has some big news!!

We would like to congratulate Luke on his promotion to the role of  Vice President of Sustainability & Regulatory Compliance.

Luke will work with various internal and external stakeholders to address Pano’s environmental and regulatory responsibilities while aiming to minimize environmental impact.

One such initiative is the time-honored tradition of donating to Long Point Basin Land Trust, whose mission is to protect its rich biodiversity and habitats. The focus of their effort is in the Long Point Basin area where they work with landowners and the local community to provide a helping hand to wild species and ecosystems in one of Ontario’s most naturally diverse regions.

Another reoccurring initiative which Luke spearheaded was the of organization of the 2024 Earth Day Community Clean-Up event. On this sunny Monday morning, employees participated in conducting a spring cleanup around our and our neighbors’ facilities. Waste collected was diverted to proper facilities rather than littering the streets and waterways and causing environmental harm.

Thank you Luke for taking on these challenges on behalf of Pano Cap Canada and thank you all who participated to support these visions!

Happy Earth Day!!

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