About Pano Cap Do Brasil

Top Off Imagination With Pure Precision

When you choose Pano Cap for your closure projects we become an enthusiastic part of your product team. As good team members we see our job as solving problems, streamlining the process and simplifying the entire experience of purchasing closures and liners.

Saying we’ll make your life simpler is easy. Actually making it simpler is something we’ve learned and refined over the years with hundreds of customers. Every time you bring your trusted brand or project to us we apply over 75 years of experience on three continents to your project. Our continuous aspiration is to act as a true partner by making closures one less thing you have to worry about while bringing both technical and decoration advances to your packaging.

We Love What We Do And We Do It With Passion

We Always Exceed Your Expectations

It’s also how we work that lets us exceed your expectations. We are responsive, flexible and adaptable.

We understand that our success depends on your success, so we take ownership of your project and that includes being easy to work with as well as being professional.

Our project management process has continuous customer communication built into every step so you always know the status of your project. At Pano Cap, we dedicate our entire operations to precision and imagination.

It’s not just the technical specifications, it’s the impact and the feel of the cap which is the first thing your consumer touches.

We stay in touch with your products and its packaging to ensure that when they come together everybody wins.

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