Pano’s Carbon Footprint

Sep 5, 2023


a summary of our findings for the carbon footprint analysis we performed this summer

Our Environment, Our World!

Everywhere we turn there is unending concern about our activities and how they impact our environment. Everyday we hear the repeated references of greenhouse gases emission, ozone layer depletion, global warming, energy usage, water consumption, waste reduction, recycling, etc. This emphasizes the many environmental concerns faced by our planet. It is no news that sustainability practices have come to stay, and we are all in it together.

In line with the company’s commitment towards continuous improvement in managing environmental issues, another carbon footprint analysis was conducted this year (concluded in August 2023) by comparing data from the 2022 fiscal year to the 2009 fiscal year when an environmental audit was last conducted. The rationale behind the study is directed primarily at reducing energy consumption, waste reduction, and utilizing recycled and renewable materials. The findings from the carbon footprint review of the 2022 FY shows remarkable reduction in the company’s electricity and water consumption, increase in waste diversion from the landfill, and the overall reduction in CO2 emissions.

A snippet of the profound changes includes the 53% reduction in electricity consumption from the replacement of energy consuming machineries, upgrade to energy efficient lighting, etc. Also a 63% reduction in water consumption and 10% increase in waste recycling compared to the figure of 2009 FY.

With these efforts and milestone, the company remains focused on “…providing quality products in a manner that best ensures the environmental integrity of processes and facilities”.

Conclusively, in line with Canada’s target of net-zero emissions by 2050, Pano Cap has continually taken actions consistent with sustainable practices and has by this year attained a CO2 emissions reduction of 51.9% differential from the 2009 FY figure. With this trend we are confident our humble contribution to the SDGs and to a sustainable Canada will build toward a better and greener future. 


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