NEW PRODUCT: Introducing 3 New Smooth Wall Closures!

Jan 25, 2019

Are these the right closures for your products?

Three New Smooth Wall Closures


With our in-house design and development capability, Pano Cap can manufacture new products to meet market needs. Our new 120mm Deep Skirt smooth wall closure with standard 400 thread finish is an excellent choice for nutraceuticals, powders and personal care products.  The closure’s smooth, polished top and sides make your package a pleasure to open every time. A top ring prevents your coloured closure from getting scratched during lining.

Spring of 2019, we will offer new 89mm and 110mm shallow skirt smooth closures to complement the 120mm deep skirt smooth. Perfect for all brand categories. The 89mm and 110mm shallow also feature a top ring that prevents scuffing withc coloured closures.

Vented hex tab liners (pictured) are recommended for the 120mm deep skirt smooth wall closure.  Also available in a round cut liner or tri-tab cut liner.  There are a wide variety of liner options available.  The 89mm and 110mm shallow skirt smooth can be lined with a round our tri-tab cut liner. Let us help you choose the correct liner and liner cut for your closure.

You can order 120mm deep skirt smooth wall, 89mm shallow skirt smooth wall and 110mm shallow skirt smooth wall closures in a selection of stock colours or have your custom colour matched.  We offer low minimum order quantities (MOQ).  All three sizes come with 24 boxes per pallet. Each pallet of 120 mm Deep Skirt Smooth Wall closures contains 5,760 caps, 110 mm has 8,500 caps/pallet, and the 89 mm 13,800 caps/pallet.


CONTACT US to order samples or for assistance choosing the right closure for your products.




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