Carbon Footprint Reduction at Pano

Mar 17, 2020

As part of Pano’s continued environmental sustainability commitment we partnered with Tradeforce tech. Tradeforce is a company that develops energy management plans to identify and implement the most appropriate solutions. At our facility, Tradeforce tech changed some electrical components which have resulted in 265,000 kilowatt-hours reduction in hydro usage. This is equivalent to 26.5 tones of CO2 that is not emitted into the atmosphere.

This carbon footprint reduction is matched by Tradeforce by planting trees. Pano’s CO2 emission reduction resulted in 2,650 trees being planted through Eden Reforestation Projects. Eden Reforestation in return provides food for villagers, shelter for wildlife, shade, medicines, soil regeneration and climate regulation through a village-wide tree-planting program. It also helps to lift people out of poverty by employing local villagers to plant these trees.

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