7 People Died Along with Consumers’ Trust in the Safety of OTC Medication

Feb 19, 2019

Why Tamper Evident Packaging is Essential in Some Markets

Three of 14 sizes of Pano Cap Tamper Evident™ closures


The Birth of Tamper Evident Packaging


The tragic Chicago Tylenol murders, that took place in the fall of 1982, shook the confidence of American people in the Tylenol brand. The first person to die was twelve-year-old Mary Kellerman after she took an Extra-Strength Tylenol capsule. Six more people died before authorities determined that Tylenol sold in the Chicago area was the common factor. Testing the remaining pills in the victim’s Tylenol bottles revealed the presence of cyanide. Someone, who was never caught, had tampered with the packaging!

Pano Cap Child Resistant Closures

Johnson & Johnson acted quickly and compassionately, warning residents in the Chicago area about the possible

contamination of recently purchased Tylenol products and recalling what was on store shelves. In the short term, their share in the analgesic market crumbled from 35% to 8%.

How would they ever restore people’s trust in their pain relievers?

Rebuilding consumer confidence required destroying 22 million bottles of Tylenol capsules and developing the first tamper resistant packaging with three layers of protection (sealed box, shrink wrap around the closure, and a sealed liner). This also led to the development of the first-ever Child Resistant Cap—which has saved many lives over the years.


Pano Cap’s Answer to the Need for Tamper Resistant Packaging


It was in this climate of consumer fear and new government regulations, that Pano cap created the first Tamper Evident (TE) closure in 1983 as a way for companies to reassure customers that their products were safe and secure.

Tamper Evident packaging is a regulatory requirement for supplements, some nutraceuticals, medications and other pharmaceuticals. Tamper resistant packaging, including Tamper Evident closures, are often used for food or beverages such as sports drinks, coconut oil, salad dressing, Nutrition Powders, and juice. In addition, many third-party logistics companies require Tamper Evident packaging to ensure courier shipping remains intact.

Pano Cap’s innovative Tamper Evident™ closures include a perforated plastic band that is manufactured as part of the closure. There is no doubt when the seal has been broken and the seal can’t be reproduced. Paired with heat induction sealed liners (with or without easy-lift tabs) they ensure that consumers can trust your products.

Benefits of Pano Cap’s Tamper Evident™ Closures:

During our long history of manufacturing these specialized caps, Pano Cap has developed North America’s largest selection of Tamper Evident™ Closures.

  1. Tamper Evident™ caps and lids deter opening products before purchase
  2. They prevent removing or poisoning products
  3. Improve closure strength during shipping
  4. Together with the induction liner, they offer two levels of protection
  5. Provide clear evidence of tampering.

We offer a variety of features:

  • 14 different Tamper Evident™ closure diameters
  • 2-thread start, 3-thread start, PCO, and 400 finish options
  • Sidewalls with fine ribs or coarse ribs
  • Shallow and deep skirt options
  • Flat seal, plug seal, lip seal, V-seal
  • Drop ring, Single Band or Double Band protection

See our complete selection of Tamper Evident™ Closures.

With our in-house design and development capability, Pano Cap can also manufacture a custom solution to help you create tamper resistant packaging that will give consumers confidence in your products.

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