50 years of Pano Cap Canada

Jul 4, 2017

Pano Cap Canada reached it’s 50th anniversary on January 20th, 2017. But the real celebrations were on June 9th, when employees, alumni, guests, suppliers, customers, and friends, came together to under the sun and enjoyed the occasion to the fullest. The hors d’oveurs were splendid, as were the appetizers, main course, and deserts (creme brule, delicious!). The beverages were as refreshing and plentiful as the conversations.

Former, current, and maybe even future presidents of Pano spoke, as no stone of Pano Cap’s illustrious history remained unchecked. Guests from Germany, Brazil, and every part of Canada and the US, enjoyed the live music, the maple syrup gift, and a walking tour of the facilities. The general great mood that surrounded the event was a true representation of Pano Cap’s spirit. All those who attended and contributed, not only on the day of the feast, but throughout the entirety of the 50 years of operation, are testaments to the foundation on which Pano Cap Canada is built: caring and helpful people!

If the celebration was any indication of the next 50 years then we say: onward!

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