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Building A Sustainable Organization For A Cleaner World


We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact as a global leader in closure manufacturing


Conserving natural resources and endorsing environmentally sustainable improvements are fundamental in our business activities


Our commitment to environmental sustainability is integral to the success of our business


It is our policy to provide quality products in a manner that best ensures the environmental integrity of our processes, practices, and facilities

Investing for the Future

At Pano Cap we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact as a global leader in closure manufacturing.

As a socially responsible company, our commitment to environmental protection is integral to the success of our business. As such, it is our policy to provide quality products in a manner that best ensures the environmental integrity of our processes and facilities.

In 2009, Pano Cap Canada hired an environmental analyst to calculate a carbon footprint to establish baseline CO2e emissions. Pano Cap collaborated with Sustainable Waterloo, a regional carbon initiative, to audit CO2e our emissions. At Pano Cap we always strive for improvements, such as continuing to monitor, replace and improve our operations. At Pano Cap we are always committed to environmental sustainability globally.

Our improvements have consisted of:

  • Replacing metal halide and T12 lighting  with more efficient T8 & T5 fluorescent lighting in office, warehouse, and moulding area
  • Installing LED and automatic motion lighting
  • Installing solar tubes in various sections of Pano Cap Canada in 2015
  • Consistently recycling all recyclable materials
  • Pano Cap Canada staff participated in Kitchener Ontario’s 20 minute clean-up, and collected 120kg of garbage off the roads

„Pano Cap Canada strives for the pursuit of continuous improvement“ 

Electricity Consumption (kWh)

  • Electricity Consumption (kWh)

Water Consumption (m³)

  • Water Consumption (m³)
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Committed To Zero Waste in Landfills
Committed to Operation Clean Sweep
Committed to Recycling Materials
Our Environmental Policy

These goals are instilled within our operations

  • We comply and exceed with applicable laws and regulations
  • Conduct our business in observance of environmentally-sound processes and practices
  • Ensure the responsible use of energy through improved energy efficiency and conservation of electricity, natural gas, water, waste, etc.
  • Remain a zero waste-to-landfill organization
  • Promote environmental integrity in supply chain management
  • Educate employee base on the policy
  • Communicate the policy to stakeholders