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Pano Cap Canada FAQ

If you have any questions about Pano Cap Canada, please refer to our FAQ below. If you question was not answered here, please feel free to contact us.

What are your stock colours?

We have over 20 different stock colours and we can produce your caps in any of these colours. Our stock colours can be seen at our stock colours page.

What type of plastic are your caps made from?

The majority of our closures are produced in food grade FDA approved Polypropylene. For new & custom projects we can also source alternate resins if required.

What's the difference between a one piece and two piece liner?

A one piece liner seals entierly to the bottle and leaves nothing in the closure. A two piece liner will separate during the induction process and leave a backing liner, typically pulp or foam, in the closure for re-sealing purposes.

What do I need to know to choose a closure?

Plastic Cap and Closure Checklist

  1. What is the precise size of my bottle or jar neck (eg. 28/400)?
  2. What is my container made of?
  3. What type of product will I be capping (liquid, powder, paste, solid, other)?
  4. Do I need a Tamper Evident closure?
  5. Do I want a shallow skirt or deep skirt?
  6. Do I need a liner? If so, what type?
  7. What colour do I want my caps to be?
  8. Do I have any specialty requirements?
  9. How many caps do I need?
  10. By when do I need them?

Are you a Canadian company?

Yes, Pano Cap is a Canadian Company. We have a German heritage, with operations in Germany as well as in Brazil, but our operation in Kitchener, Ontario is an entirely Canadian owned company.

Do you make other caps besides Tamper Evident?

Yes, we have a full line of shallow skirt and deep skirt 400 finish closures as well as many other unique and custom products.

Where do you make your caps?

We make plastic closures in 3 locations – Kitchener Ontario, Sao Paulo Brazil, and Kaufbeuren Germany. Each manufacturing site produces the majority of the closures for that region however we can source closures from other locations if required.

Do you make bottles?

No, we currently do not make any bottles, just plastic closures.

Do you make metal caps?

No, we do not make metal caps in any of our locations. We used to make metal caps in Kitchener but converted to plastic in the 1980’s.

Does your Tamper Evident closure require a special neck finish?

Yes, our Tamper Evident closures require an additional ring on the bottle below the threads. There are a lot of bottle suppliers that have our neck finishes on their stock bottles and we can help you find the right bottle for your application. If you want a new custom bottle, we can work with your bottle maker and provide all the required information to make a new neck finish to accommodate our Tamper Evident caps.

Can I order less than the minimum quantity quoted or on the price list?

Yes, for a small set up fee you can order less than the minimum order quantity referenced on the price list.

Are your minimums high for coloured closures?

No, our minimum order quantities for coloured closures are not very high. Typically the minimum order quantity is about 2 skids (ranging from 10,000 – 100,000 caps)

Can I specify the liner for my closure?

Yes, you can specify the liner in your closure. We have a wide range of stock liners available, but we can source another liner for your application if required. As long as you purchase enough caps to cover the minimum order quantity of lining material, we can source any lining material you require.

Is it complicated to ship or pickup from Canada?

No, it is not complicated to ship or pick up from Canada. We ship caps from Kitchener, Ontario all across North America every day. We can ship ‘collect’ using your carrier of choice, or ‘prepaid and add’ using one of our carries.

Do I have to pay Customs or Duty?

You will have to pay customs but no duty. If you chose to have Pano ship your product ‘prepaid and add’ we will take care of the small customs fee and include it in the shipping cost. You will not be charged duty separately.

Are you ISO certified?

Yes, Pano Cap Canada Ltd is ISO 9001:2008 certified as well as FSSC 22000 and IMS certified.

Are there any GMP rules in place?

Yes, we are fully GMP compliant as part of our FSSC 22000 certification.

What is the shelf life of the closures?

That really depends on the size of the closure and the lining material inside. Typically we recommend using the closures within 6 months.

What is the standard lead-time?

The lead times vary from closure to closure, but a typical lead time is about 4-6 weeks.

What is the standard packaging?

We put all our closures in poly bags in corrugated boxes on a standard 40×48 inch one way wooden pallet. We can also accommodate other requests such as double bagging, using CHEP pallets or other special requests.

Are the raw materials FDA or CFIA approved?

Yes, our raw materials are all FDA or CFIA approved and food grade.

Are your closures FDA or CFIA approved?

We can apply for FDA or CFIA approval upon request. We do not seek FDA or CFIA approval otherwise because a lot of the approval process depends on how our customers handle our closures and what they are filling.

Do you stock your products?

We do not stock our closures unless agreed upon under contract with our customers. If you would like us to stock some of your product, please contact your sales representative to discuss the options.

Do you have sales representation in the US?

Yes, we have a National Account Manager who works directly with all our customers in the US, as well as a Distribution Sales Manager who works directly with all our distributors in the US. Contact our sales team for more information.

Do you warehouse in the US?

We do not currently have a warehouse in the  US; however some of the distributors in the US will warehouse our product upon request. Contact our sales team for more information.