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Choosing a Cap or Closure

Choosing a Cap or Closure

There are several things to consider when choosing a plastic cap for your products.

Container Size & Construction

First, you need to know the precise neck size of your bottle, jar or container and what type of plastic it is made of—ask your packaging manufacturer.

Cap Size, Depth, and Feel

Then you need to select a compatible sized closure. Pano Cap offers standard 400 finish plastic caps from 28mm- 120mm, as well as, 28mm flip caps. See our full selection of sizes.

You will also need to choose a shallow or deep skirt for your cap. The height of your bottle neck may dictate the depth of your closure. With shorter necks you can only use shallow skirts. Closure depth impacts the look and feel of your package and affects how it is capped. Our sales staff can walk you through the right choice.

Another feature that shapes the look and feel of your package is the texture of your closure. Depending on your product and your end-users, you could choose fine ribs, coarse ribs (which make gripping and opening easier), or a smooth surface.

Tamper Evident Closures

Tamper Evident caps deter opening products before purchase, prevent removing or poisoning products, improve closure strength during shipping, protect the liner and provide clear evidence of tampering. Pano Cap pioneered the first Tamper Evident (TE) closure in 1983 and continues to provide the widest selection of innovative secure closures in North America. TE closures come with shallow or deep skirts.

TE closures are a regulatory requirement for supplements and other nutraceuticals, as well as, medications and other pharmaceuticals. They are often used for food or beverages such as ketchup, mayonnaise, coconut oil, salad dressing, nutrition powders, milk or juice.


Liners are the material that sits between a closure and your bottle or jar. Many dry, solid products don’t require a liner, while liquids, powders, and pastes do. Liners help with proper sealing of products and often improve the fit of a cap. Liners touch your products; therefore, it is critical that they are chemically compatible. Choosing the wrong liner could shorten shelf life or lead to leakage during shipping.

Pano Cap offers the following liners:

  • Foam (generally used for liquid products)
  • Venting (best for dry products that require ventilation)
  • 1-piece heat induction liners (foil, creates tamper evident packages)
  • 2-piece heat induction liners (foil, creates tamper evident packages and the secondary liner prevents leaking after the cap is re-applied)

Pano Cap heat induction liners are available in Full Weld Seal and Easy Peel. Our liners come in round cut and tabbed options. Tabs help to keep the liner in place during the capping process and give your customers something to grasp as they remove the liner.


Review our selection of commonly used cap colours or suggest your own. We offer low minimum order quantities (MOQs) on stock colours and custom colours.

Specialty Decoration Options

To enhance the attractiveness of your packaging, Pano Cap offers custom embossing (raised design or lettering), debossing (recessed design or lettering), and In Mold Labelling—a new process where labels are molded directly into the caps to avoid fading, scratching, tearing and moisture damage.

Custom Caps

As an innovative company with an engineering department, full tool room, flexible mold machines, and a modern manufacturing line we can create a custom solution for your unique products. Talk to us about special considerations from additives, static control, and freezing to PCR options and environmentally-friendly materials.

When to Order Closures

To ensure there are no delays with delivering your products to market and no costly missteps, involve your closure company when you begin designing your packaging. Pano Cap can provide neck finish drawings and samples to your new equipment suppliers and help to solve problems that arise. We can also recommend product filling partners, packaging manufacturers, and other trusted partners.

CONTACT US to order samples or for assistance choosing the right closure for your products.

Introducing the new 120 Smooth Wall

In the constantly changing packaging industry, success requires an appropriate mix of creating and following trends. Here at Pano Cap we create unique closures that can always be modified to meet our customers’ needs and wants.

In recent years we have noticed that more and more customers are requesting smooth wall caps. A majority of these customers are in the Nutraceutical industry. Our 120mm Deep Skirt Smooth Wall was a result of these request.

Here are some of its unique features :

  • Smooth side wall and polished flat top;
  • Outside gated;
  • 400 finish;
  • 5 TPI;
  • Can be made in any colour;
  • Numerous lining options available.

Based on the positive feedback of the 120 Smooth Wall, Pano Cap is gradually working on making a full line of Smooth Wall, wide mouth caps. A smooth version of our 89-400 and 110-400 shallow caps will be the first to be produced.

50 years of Pano Cap Canada

Pano Cap Canada reached it’s 50th anniversary on January 20th, 2017. But the real celebrations were on June 9th, when employees, alumni, guests, suppliers, customers, and friends, came together to under the sun and enjoyed the occasion to the fullest. The hors d’oveurs were splendid, as were the appetizers, main course, and deserts (creme brule, delicious!). The beverages were as refreshing and plentiful as the conversations.

Former, current, and maybe even future presidents of Pano spoke, as no stone of Pano Cap’s illustrious history remained unchecked. Guests from Germany, Brazil, and every part of Canada and the US, enjoyed the live music, the maple syrup gift, and a walking tour of the facilities. The general great mood that surrounded the event was a true representation of Pano Cap’s spirit. All those who attended and contributed, not only on the day of the feast, but throughout the entirety of the 50 years of operation, are testaments to the foundation on which Pano Cap Canada is built: caring and helpful people!

If the celebration was any indication of the next 50 years then we say: onward!

Pano’s 50th draws near

In two months time we will arrive at the official celebration of Pano Cap Canada Ltd.’s 50th anniversary. The plant will shut down for the day (and for the night) to accommodate the festivities. A tent will occupy the parking lot, many tables and chairs will occupy the tent, and many of Pano’s friends and families will occupy those chairs. Speakers will wow, presentations will amaze, and the food will be unquestionably excellent.  Thriving for 50 years is a testament to all of the people who have pulled together and contributed any which way to help Pano flourish and set the groundwork to continue to flourish for the next 50 years.


A Lot of Future Reverly

Hats Off to Pano Cap

Toque-n of Gratitude

Pano Cap celebrates 50 years incorporated! On January 20th, 1967 Pano Cap was officially off and running. It’s been an exciting 50 years with everything from tempestuousness to jubilation, with crashing defeats to golden victories, and we wouldn’t want it any other way!


To celebrate this achievement, a monument of longevity, there will be a large party this summer where many employees, past and present, and chosen dignitaries that helped shaped Pano will lunch under a wondrous pavilion on the Pano grounds. As an additional thank you, all employees received a Pano toque to stave off the next 50 Canadian winters.


So hats off (and hairnets on) to Pano Cap and to another 50 years of success!