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Ethics & Core Values

Rights & Respect

Business Integrity

  • Pano Cap operates with integrity, respects all laws, and stands against fraudulent and dishonest practices
  • Pano Cap maintains the highest manufacturing, health and safety, and environmental standards; we are proud of our exemplary audit record
  • Pano Cap strives to go above and beyond any requirements required by law, any regulatory agencies, and even our customers, Pano Cap is never satisfied with satisfactory
  • All federal and provincial laws, new and old, of all countries in which Pano Cap operates are respected and incorporated into our business practices and internal operating systems
  • We encourage customers, suppliers, schools, colleges and universities to visit us at any time; we hope to see you soon!

Labour Relations

  • Pano Cap is committed to fostering an inclusive, accessible work environment, where all employees feel valued, respected and supported
  • Pano Cap offers training and advancement opportunities for employees to develop their skills and capabilities
  • Pano Cap will not employ forced labour nor workers under the minimum age of employment as defined by national law
  • Pano Cap complies with all local and federal laws on wage, work hours, overtime, benefit and privacy laws; Pano Cap also complies with freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • At Pano Cap we strive to be welcoming and inclusive to all employees and potential employees, we are glad to accommodate any employee with disabilities and hope everyone feels at home at Pano Cap


  • Pano Cap complies with all environmental laws in each region, province and country it in which it operates
  • One of our core beliefs is the preservation and sustainability of the environment, our Environmental Policy strives to exceed any and all required industry and provincial standards and will always continue improving

Health & Safety

  • Pano Cap provides a safe and secure workplace; worker health is always the priority
  • Pano Cap’s work environment is always well maintained; audits are conducted monthly where any potential hazard are sought and removed to prevent accidents, injuries and other health risks
  • Employees are encouraged to come forward with any safety concerns
  • Safety is the most important aspect at Pano Cap and all our business and manufacturing processes are constructed and continuously improved to be as safe as possible, our goal is for all employees feel safe at all times in their workspace